Protect Your Home From Falling Limbs

Protect Your Home From Falling Limbs

You may need a tree removal in Colorado Springs, CO

Healthy trees add natural elegance to any yard. Dead and dying trees, on the other hand, can become safety hazards. Luckily, Wright Tree, Lawn & Landscape Care performs home and commercial tree trimming and removal in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We'll remove any hazardous trees, stumps and branches to make sure that your yard is a safe and appealing place.

While we specialize in tree trimming and removal, you can count on us for a wide variety of tree services. Do you want to brighten up your backyard? You can hire us to perform tree lighting and landscape illumination. Maybe your trees and bushes look a little too wild. We can provide pruning and shaping service.

Not sure if we offer the tree services you need? Ask us now by calling 719-646-6365.

3 signs that your tree is dead

You already know that dead trees pose a risk to your property, but you may not know how to spot one. Some of the signs are more subtle than others. You may need a tree removal if you notice:

  1. Peeling bark
  2. Trunk cavities
  3. Fungi growth

If you notice any of these signs, it's important to act quickly. Consult a tree removal pro from Wright Tree, Lawn & Landscape Care in Colorado Springs, Colorado today.